Fresh Dragon Fruit Juice (230ml)


Organic Dragon Fruit Juice is a refreshing, nutritious, and delicious drink that is perfect for breakfast or as a healthy treat!


Panpunya Dragon Fruit Juice is a 100% natural, vegan-friendly, certified organic juice made from whole dragon fruit. With no additives or preservatives, this juice supports healthy living and longevity.

  • helps decrease harmful cholesterol levels and replenish es good levels
  • excellent source of monounsaturated (กรดไขมันไม่อิ่มตัว)fats which helps the heart stay in perfect condition
  • cleans up the digestive system
  • rids the body of free radicals and cancer-producing properties
  • fights diabetes
  • reduces the sign of aging
  • treating colored hair
  • benefits for people suffering from arthritis


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